Imprisonment for Sedevacantism (2)

- Press release: A lifetime in jail for being a Catholic priest -
(Kirche zum Mitreden, 04.09.2011)
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In the press release "Imprisonment for Sedevacantism" (May 21st, 2011) it was mentioned that the Roman-Catholic priest Father Rolf Hermann Lingen (FRHL), Germany, was put on trial. His crime: He is sedevacantist.
At the end of the first trial day (May 26th, 2011) the judges heavily stressed that in this trial, any arguments, especially theological arguments, are strictly excluded. Germany firmly declares that the V2-sect is the Catholic church; therefore any other position is illegal and punishable. The judges decided that an "expert report" shall be made by a member of the V2-sect (the canonist Thomas Schüller, University of Münster) concerning the question, whether the V2-sect approves FRHL as a priest.
On Sept. 1st, 2011, FRHL received this report. In short:
1. FRHL's ordination is considered to be valid, i.e. he is considered to be a validly ordained priest. On his youtube-channel ("sedisvakantist") he published: "Succession: Bishop Alois Stumpfl - Schismatic / Old-ROMAN-Catholic (*NOT*: Old-Catholic!); Stumpfl ordained AND consecrated Friedrich Wiechert; Stumpfl ordained AND consecrated Josef Maria Thiesen; Wiechert ordained Schmitz, Thiesen consecrated Schmitz. In 1978, Schmitz abjured from the Old-Roman-Catholic Church, testified by Marcel Lefebvre and Franz Schmidberger, and became member of the "Society of Saint Pius X" (SSPX). In 1980, Schmitz became sedevacantist and left the FSSPX. In 1996, he ordained me. IMPORTANT: Thiesen - as priest - converted to Catholicism. His ordination was considered valid by the Catholic Church both under Pius XI. and under Pius XII. He was not allowed to work as a priest in 1926. He received dispense from celibacy in 1942. Later, Thiesen reverted into the Old-Roman-Catholic sect and was consecrated by Stumpfl."
2. However, FRHL is not approved as a Roman-Catholic priest by the V2-sect, because he is not a member of the V2-sect. Now he never claimed to be a V2-priest, on the contrary: His whole life as a priest, he always openly declares that the V2-sect is not the church, that he is no member of it and that a V2-member cannot be Catholic. He sees this public information as his main task and mission. According to others, FRHL is the most prominent sedevacantist in the German speaking countries. Several media reported about him and his sedevacantist position.
The expert report accuses FRHL of several punishable acts, e.g.:
a) FRHL is a schismatic, because he does not recognize Benedict XVI. as pope. The only argument of the canonist: Sedevacantism is "abstruse". The canonist ignores the sedevacantist arguments completely.
b) FRHL is a heretic, because he rejects the infallible teaching of the Church. The only argument of the canonist: The texts of V2 are infallible, divine and Catholic faith. The canonist ignores the facts about V2 completely.
Besides, according to the report, there are no information that FRHL made the required V2-studies, therefore it must be assumed that FRHL did not made them. As FRHL always proved, he completed the V2-studies in the V2-academy and -seminary in Chur (Switzerland) with the diploma (rating: "very good"). The judges emphasized that FRHL is bound to accept this expert report as the infallible truth. As a result, FRHL has to declare that a) sedevacantism is absurd, b) all V2-texts are infallible, c) there is no information that FRHL made the required V2-studies and it must be assumed that he did not made his diploma. Every single action against this expert report can be punished singly. Permanent inobedience can result in permanent jail. Admittedly, it is possible and maybe even probable that FRHL is put into psychiatry. However, on the first trial day, some "expert" for  psychiatry declared that all utterances of FRHL are in itself completely logical and that FRHL is completely criminally liable. That would make his crime of inobedience even worse and therefore even more punishable.
Everyone can morally support Germany's extermination war against sedevacantism by writing to:
Marlies Hampel, Public prosecution department, Zweigertstr. 56, 45130 Essen, Germany, Fax: +49 201 / 803-2920,

Author: Father Rolf Hermann Lingen, Goldbrink 2a, 46282 Dorsten

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