Trial against Fr. Lingen because of "sedevacantism" - New penal procedure

- Mail to several sedevacantists, 2 September 2012 -
(Kirche zum Mitreden, 02.09.2012)
Hintergrund - Deutsch

and many thanks for all support in the trial against me because of "sedevacantism".

Now to the bad news.

I informed a few justice offices in Germany about some the various supporting activities. I have sent prints of some supporting texts to seven (iirc) justice offices. One print was of the article "Nazism still lives in Germany"

And this print includes a cartoon with Hitler.

There is a law that prohibits the distribution of National Socialist propaganda. Admittedly, the punishability depends on the actual tendency. Therefore, obvious critique (including cartoons) cannot be punished. E.g. while pictures of swastikas are generally prohibited, pictures of a swastika thrown into a bin are allowed.

However, Germany does not care what is right or wrong. Therefore, a new penal procedure has now started against me, i.e. of spreading National Socialist propaganda.

The tendency of the cartoon does not count.
The fact, that I did not spread propaganda but informed some justice offices, does not count.
In short: For German Justice, justice does not count at all.

Every single justice office who has been informed by me about the can sentence me to three years in jail. That would be 21 years more in jail, added to the conviction as a "sedevacantist".
You could argue that, if I get a lifetime conviction for being sedevacantist, it would not hurt that much to get 21 years more in jail. However, there is something noteworthy: In itself, sedevacantism in itself is only punishable with four years in jail. Basically, the conviction can only be renewed as long as I stay catholic. If I publicly abjure the catholic faith, a new conviction would not be so easy. So in case I should apostasize, maybe my time in jail could end four years after my apostasy. But as a "convicted Nazi", I would still have to stay in jail for 21 years more.

But in any case, apostasy of not, both justice and media could openly declare that I am not only a sedevacantist, but also a convicted Nazi. Probably the media would further declare that "traditionalists" in general are Nazis.

I will keep you abreast.

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