New legal proceedings in Germany concerning the Catholic Church

- Press release: Is the Second Vatican Council Catholic? -
(Kirche zum Mitreden, 30.03.2014)
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On 27 Sept 2012, criminal proceedings against me because of alleged "abuse of titles" / "unauthorized assumption of authority" (for using the title "Roman-Catholic priest") were definitely settled.

However the court declared that I can always and repeatedly be sentenced for the exact matter, i.e. for confessing the Catholic faith.
To end this permanent danger and - above all - to show publicly that the group of "Vatican 2" is not the Church, I myself will start legal proceedings against the V2-group.
An important part of the mentioned trial against me was an "expert report" of Thomas Schüller, a so-called "professor of canon law".

Among several absurd lies concerning my baptism, my diploma etc., Schüller accused me of being a "heretic".
Schüller explicitly insists that the V2-texts are to be believed "with divine and Catholic faith", and whoever - like me - rejects V2 is a heretic.
But even in the "Codex Iuris canonici" of Karol Wojtyla (1983) it is explicitly said (Canon 749 §3):
"No doctrine is understood as defined infallibly unless this is manifestly evident."
And there is not even a hint that V2 made an infallible decision.
On the contrary, there are several explicit declarations made by V2-giants like Karl Rahner, Joseph Ratzinger and others that V2 did *NOT* want to define a new dogma.
Please note: According to Schueller, Rahner and Ratzinger are heretics because they explicitly *rejected* Schueller's claim that V2 must be believed with divine and Catholic faith.
In my trial however, the judge Wolfhart Timm of the district court Dorsten prohibited any arguments. He laid emphasis that regarding the Catholic faith he only accepts the "Law of large numbers": As nearly everybody believes that V2 is Catholic, it is illegal to say that V2 is not Catholic. Period!
The judge explicitly forced me to believe all absurd lies of the report. He vigorously rejected all proofs against the report.
Sadly, during the last 30 months I contracted several eye diseases which could have led to complete blindness. For the time being, I can still see (even quite good, 80% left eye / 100% right eye), but that can change anytime, so maybe it is the right time to act now.

What about the money?
I do not accept any money. In earlier proceedings, when I was sentenced, I was driven into bankrupcy, and because there was no money left to impound, I was sentenced to jail. So it simply makes no sense to send me any money.
However, there are people who pay a part of the legal costs, and thus I can retain a lawyer. The start capital is 2.000 Euro; this amount is available.
It is difficult to guess how much these proceedings will totally cost. Maybe 50.000 Euro, maybe 100.000 Euro, maybe far more than that. At some point, I will have to stop because of the lack of money. Remember: I proceed against the V2-group, and their wealth is beyond any imagination.

But why proceed against an invincible enemy?
First: Theses proceedings will confirm officially that the V2-group only has absurd lies (and of course infinite money) to "proof" their claims.
Second: Maybe I find an honest judge. Then I will win. Admittedly, that is *at least next to* impossible in Germany, but hope dies last.
Third: If I am proven wrong, I do not deserve any better than to pay for my error. I hereby give the V2-group an excellent opportunity to publicly present their arguments for the first time. As we all know, the V2-group normally does not give arguments at all. On the contrary, V2-"Jesuit" Michael Rogers sent out a tweet on Feb. 17, 2014, that "Pope Francis" (Jorge Bergoglio) told him:
"Studying fundamental theology is one of the most boring things on earth."

What can you do?
Spread the word.
If you mention this matter on your website or elsewhere, please let me know.

Thank you and best regards.

Father Rolf Hermann Lingen
Goldbrink 2a
46282 Dorsten

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