Legally binding: Sedevacantism is the only logical position

-  Press Release: Criminal proceedings against Roman-Catholic priest because of alleged "abuse of titles" / "unauthorized assumption of authority" now definitely settled -
(Kirche zum Mitreden, 03.02.2013)
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German video with English subtitles

English version of the German text / video "Criminal proceedings against Catholic priests settled"  ("Strafverfahren gegen katholischen Priester eingestellt")
- Press Release: The verdict of Court of Dorsten concerning alleged "abuse of titles" / "unauthorized assumption of authority" -
Father Rolf Hermann Lingen, Dorsten, 02.02.2013

"The group which follows so-called "Second Vatican Council" (V2, 1962-65) is not the Catholic Church. The V2-group (including "SSPX" by Marcel Lefebvre!) with "ecumenism", "carnival masses", "interreligious prayer meeting", etc. does not have the marks of the true Church of Christ, i.e. "one, holy, catholic and apostolic". This so-called sedevacantism is the position of the Roman-Catholic priest Father Rolf Hermann Lingen (author). To be fair, the author repeatedly declared his full immediate willingness to submit unreservedly to the V2-group as soon as arguments against his position are presented. For this permanent offer he was repeatedly prosecuted under civil and criminal law, attached to bankruptcy and sentenced to prison. The latest criminal conviction because of usurpation / misuse of titles, however, was settled. Reason: "In the culprit's case, it is difficult to detect an awareness of guilt. This results from the fact that he holds the opinion that divine law is above human law."
(Ref. 7 Ls-29 Js 74/08-43/11 / decision from 27 Sept 2012, verdict delivered on 02 Feb 2013).
Make no mistake: The "Federal Republic of Germany" (FRG) actually leads a war against the natural law. According to the FRG, it is only a mere "opinion" "that divine law is above human law." Plain-talking: The entire basis of any human right, i.e. that anything that is contrary to the divine law just cannot be a law at all, is attacked by the FRG in a both decisive and brutal manner. Among other things, the FRG punishes the recognition of the dogma that the Church is not subject to the State. The BRD is guilty of violating human rights by persecuting Christians in an eminent manner. The numerous and notorious cases of perversion of justice in Germany, the countless and notorious protests against high-profile legal scandals like the case of Gustl Mollath [up to now in forensic psychiatry for already over seven years after proving tax fraud] etc. pp.: All this shows where this publicly ordered atheism has led to.
Since the culpability is the focal point in this verdict against the author, here some background information: The author made his A-Level in a V2-"convent school" with the grade 1.6 [best possible grade is 1.0; worst possible passing grade is 4.0; worst possible grade at all is 6.0] and - as sedevacantist! - a "diploma in Catholic theology" with the grade "very good". In an earlier "psychiatric report" (2005) a mental disorder and thus debt reduction was explicitly excluded. And at the first trial for this process (2011) a "psychiatric expert" publicly declared that the author a) arguments "completely logically", b) is "obviously intelligent" and c) is of full criminal responsibility". Like in "The Emperor's New Clothes", in this case every clearly and logically thinking person is "not culpable": It is simply not punishable, but instead it is only correct if one denies that the emperor is clothed and that the V2 group is the Catholic Church . The FRG, however justifies its actions solely with most terrible slander and crudest absurdities up to explicit heresies. Please note: During the trial, the V2-Group itself was represented by the V2-"canonist" Thomas Schüller. Schüller remained completely silent and passive, i.e. absolutely helpless, as many of his false testimonies and several V2 heresies were publicly condemned by the author in court.
In conclusion: This verdict is only a devastating public declaration of bankruptcy on the part of the FRG and the V2-Group, based solely on terrible lies [e.g. the unexplained claim that sedevacantism is "just nothing more than a loss of reality"] and therefore punishable in itself. Thus, this closed  trial is a triumphant victory for the Catholic Church. The crucial battle is definitely won.

With Christian Greetings
Father Rolf Hermann Lingen
Roman-Catholic Priest
("sedevacantist" - *not* "Vatican 2")
Goldbrink 2a
46282 Dorsten
German Empire

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