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- Exercises made by the author of the website "Kirche zum Mitreden" (Dialogue for the Church) - Text of the video -
(Kirche zum Mitreden, 20.01.2013)
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Good afternoon, my name is Father Rolf Hermann Lingen. I am a Roman Catholic priest, a so-called "sedevacantist". And I have often been asked about my sporting activities. Now I have made a video about them.
Every day - except Sundays -, I do a set of exercises. There are six exercises, and these exercises in a row together take five minutes. However, I repeat this 5-minute unit several times, that is up to six times, so that you effectively have 30 minutes a day and three hours a week.
I've gathered these exercises from the internet and sometimes modified them a bit. So these are the exercises with which I get along best and which are also the most effective.
First I'll just show these exercises.
During the first four exercises you stand straight, legs apart a bit. So you need no equipment, no tools. And the most important thing is that you always breathe during all exercises. So you do not hold your breath, but pay attention to continuous inhalation and exhalation.
In the first exercise, arms are stretched and lifted. You exhale while lifting - and inhale.
This exercise is repeated twelve times. This is also the case with other exercises. Normally bodybuilders make very strenuous exercises in which they then make just ten to fifteen repetitions. Here it is really more about that you accomplish a certain regularity. As I said: This exercise twelve times.
Then the next exercise. You have your arms already flexed, and then raise them straight up. This exercise twelve times, too. Inhaling through the nose, exhaling through the mouth.
During the exercises, you can crouch down a little, so that also the legs are strained a bit.
The third exercise: You have your arms hanging straight down again, and then raise them in an arc upward. Again, there is the possibility to squat.
Then in the fourth exercise: This looks a bit like a boxing punch. But really, this is just a swinging or shaking of arms. So you do not go straight, but swing your arm only slightly forward. Otherwise you could overload the shoulder or arm muscles or bones. So then each one - two ... Total then twelve times.
Now the fifth Exercise: The feet stand side by side, and you holds your hands together. Then you start e.g. that you hold the hands on the right side. And then you make a step to the left, while swinging your arms over to the left side and pull the other foot to the left side. There you go into crouch. Only a little into the squat, for cushioning. And back again.
Here you can then count e.g. twelve times or 24 times, back and forth: once or one-two. It would therefore be twelve or 24-times.
Now the sixth exercise: This is the so-called lunge. So in fact no squat, but a knee bend with only one leg. Simply this way ... and then switching. Here you can again count either 24 or 48 times, depending whether it is one-two or only one, two. You can also work with the arms a little. First you hold the arms flexed. During the the knee bend, you let them down and then lift them again.
These are the six exercises. Overall, it normally takes about five minutes - sometimes four and a half, sometimes five and a half minutes. And I do that, as I said, usually six times in a row. That takes almost always almost exactly half an hour.
Meanwhile, I also use weights. But they look more heavy than they are. I guess they weigh only one or two kilos. I would not take more anyway. And that's just to get to be a bit more strain. But that's only possible because I'm doing these exercises for quite some time. So for beginners it is absolutely ineligible to work with weights.
So. [15 o'clock] 33 and 30 seconds. Let's see how long it takes now, when I do the six exercises in a row.
[Video: Minutes 6:53 to 12:02 - Training]
So, that's been five minutes and nine seconds.
So, as I said: These are my exercises that I do every day. I get along well with it. And I recommend to anyone training a bit, in order to feel good and to be fit.

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