Extinction of the Church in Germany

- English mails to other traditionalists -
(Kirche zum Mitreden, 21.11.2007)
Dear Recipients, I could use some support - not at all in terms of money, as my family (parents and sister) support me for the time being, but by spreading the following information and - if possible - by protesting against the persecution of Catholics in Germany. First some background information: For decades Germany is heavily working on the Final Solution, i.e. the extinction of the Church. As I published papal encyclicals, Catholic catechisms etc. on the internet, I was persecuted by the sect of Vatican 2 and by the German State itself. They accuse me e.g. of lying, both concerning my ordination (priest) and my confession (Catholic). My complete property has been confiscated (about 20.000 Euro), and I shall be arrested in a few days, probably until I declare that I am not Catholic. Although nobody who knows me personally questions my sanity, I was accused by the State of being completeley mentally ill (no argument was given for this accusation), and the state wanted to place me under disability. But meanwhile an "expert", paid by the State, called that accusation itself "crazy", so at the moment only jail, but not psychiatry awaits me. My persecutors also confiscated my domain katholisch.notrix.de, thus instead of papal writings there is a catalogue of pornography including extreme perversions. And in some places on the internet, you can even read that I am the publisher of this sick content. Although I asked them several times, neither the sect of Vatican 2 nor the State want to explain why extreme pornography may be designated as "Catholic", but papal writings may not. The Supreme Courts of Germany ruled that heretics may call themselves Catholic, but Catholics may not, but again they denied to give arguments. If you call yourself Catholic without being a member of the Vatican-2-Sect, you suffer severe punishment. I even showed the declaration of Bishop José R. López-Gaston, dated 18.07.1996, in which he accepted me as a Catholic priest, to the German authorities, but they ignored it. When the other sedevacantists see what has already happened to me and what awaits me, they prefer to keep their faith secret.
Maybe the German authorities would be more impressed if Catholics, especially Catholic clerics, would write to them personal, at least via e-mail. As my imprisonement is imminent and therefore my efforts will soon come to an end, people from outside Germany should protest against the extinction of the Church. Thankfully the owner of www.novusordowatch.org hosted one of my (German) texts on his webspace (http://www.novusordowatch.org/kirche.pdf), and even a German politologist published my (German) statement to the so-called "psychiatric report" against me ([link not working anymore]). If you can spread this information or write to the German authorities directly, it would be greatly appreciated. All my property is or will be confiscated, therefore any financial support for me would be wasted. In case you decide to protest against the persecution of the Church, I suggest you write to only one address, i.e. the German "Ministry of Justice"; English site:
[link not working anymore]
To be more concrete, you can mention my persecution by the District Court Bonn; the reference number of my conviction is "10 0 586/03".
In Germany, it is also a punishable offence to protest against abortion or to investigate what happened in the German concentration camps during WW2. I am also sentenced to 60 days in jail because of my pro-life activities and permanently defamed by Jewish groups because of my (German) texts like the one about the "diary of Anne Frank" (http://www.revisionisten.de/anefrank.htm). Unsurprisingly, the pro-life movement is very weak in Germany; revisionism is nearly non-existent.
Another problem is the activity of "traditionalists" in Germany who are in fact heretics, e.g. Eberhard Heller with his magazine "Einsicht". They are not persecuted by the State, because they help destroying the faith with false philosophy and with defamation of the Church. I do not receive any support from these "traditionalists", on the contrary: They even work together with the State in persecuting me.

I was - again! - sentenced by the so-called "Federal republic of Germany" because of alleged "abuse of titles".
Although I was prohibited from mentioning that I am a Roman-Catholic priest, I still openly declare it.
Therefore, the "state" Germany accuses me ad infinitum of "abuse of titles". There is no reason given for this accuse, and all my arguments why I am a Roman-Catholic priest are blatantly ignored.
I prove my ordination - ignored!
I prove my catholic faith - ignored!
I prove my acceptance by bishops like Lopez-Gaston - ignored!
I mention the studies about the Novus Ordo rites (e.g. "Absolutely Null and Utterly Void") - ignored!
I prove the apostasy of the "Vatican-2"-sect - ignored!
Instead, even for accusing the impostors of "Vatican 2", I am sentenced, too.
Sure, the church needs prayer, but sometimes you have to do something more practical (cf. Jac 2,14sqq).
No, I do not beg for money. In fact, all my money is confiscated by the "state", so it would be only a support for the "state" to send me money.
In my opinion, the only - peaceful - possibility to avoid further conflicts is to show the "state" that it has absolutely no right whatsoever to persecute the Church. Of course, if you do so, you are very probably persecuted as well. So if you act in favor of the Church, be aware that you are considered an enemy of the "state" and that you probably will face heavy punishment - if possible. If you are outside the "European Union", chances are that you do not suffer directly (you may be sentenced nonetheless and arrested in case you visit the "European Union").
Anyway, to be concrete: Send faxes to the following adresses:
1. "Amtsgericht Dorsten", +49 (02362) 2008-27 [local court Dorsten]
2. StA Essen, +49 (0201) 803-2920 [public prosecution department Essen]
3. "Amtsgericht Essen", +49 (0201) 803-1000 [local court Essen]
I hereby support the complaint of Father Rolf Hermann Lingen, Dorsten, against the impostor Gerd Wittka.
As clearly proven by Father Lingen, Gerd Wittka is neither Catholic nor priest; he belongs to the sect of "Vatican 2", and the "bishop" who "ordained" him, was "consecrated" in the "new", invalid rite.
I refer to Father Lingen's homepage.
Again, if you send these faxes, be prepared to run in trouble. You could be punished at least as a supporter of a "known criminal" (i.e. me).
The linked text from my homepage is in German. Now, this text http://www.kirchenlehre.com/wittka.htm includes a letter from the public prosecution department Essen, declaring that Gerd Wittka is a Roman-Catholic priest while I am not. As always, no argument is given. Of course, you do not need to mention my homepage at all. I only guess that it would make it easier for the "state" to have a reference.
If you are unsure about it or have other questions, please do contact me.
I you could help or at least spread the information, it would be greatly appreciated. Supposedly very soon, I am facing a very long time in jail, so I do not know when (if ever) I can continue my work.

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