Arrest of Dr. Frederick Töben in London

- Fax to the City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court -
(Kirche zum Mitreden, 13.10.2008)
A few days ago, Australian revisionist Dr. Gerald Frederick Toben (Dr. Friedrich Töben) has been arrested by police after flying into Heathrow Airport in London. The Met Police's extradition unit detained Dr. Töben under a German-issued EU warrant. This is how the warrant describes the conduct alleged against Dr Töben:
"From 2000 up to this day, worldwide internet publications of anti-Semitic and/or revisionist nature. Deliberately contrary to the historical truth, the said publications deny, approve or play down above all the mass murder of the Jews planned and implemented by the National-Socialist rulers. The offender is committing the acts in Australia, Germany and in other countries."
Now the City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court has to decide whether Dr. Töben will be extradited or not. The next hearing in this trial will take place on October 17.

Therefore, the following fax was sent today (Oct. 13th, 2008):

City of Westminster Magistrates' Court
Court number 2660
70 Horseferry Road
DX 120551 Victoria 6
Fax: 0 - 044 - 20 7805 1193

Arrest of Dr. Fredrick Töben
Dr. Töben must be released unconditionally and allowed to leave Europe immediately. He may not be extradited to Germany.
The claims of the German public prosecutor that Dr. Töben can be charged for "instigation to race hatred, insult and reviling the memory of the dead" are deliberately contrary to the historical truth.
Truth is: It is not defined what opinion exactly you must confess concerning the persecution of Jews during WW2. According to the principle of "nulla poena sine lege" (no penalty without a law), which belongs to the human rights and is even an explicit part of the German law, this lack of definition already makes it at least next to impossible to sentence anybody as a "holocaust denier". Canadian lawyer Barbara Kulaszka published a very short and well-known survey about this issue in her essay "What is holocaust denial".
You could argue that only opinions which are obviously false are punished, therefore here are two examples of German justice:
1: You can punish anybody who utters that the "gas chamber" in Auschwitz is not original, because British Historian David Irving was fined 30.000 DM for saying this. So, there you have a clear teaching (i.e. that the gas chamber is original) that you have to confess. However, even Dr. Franciszek Piper, senior curator and director of archives of the Auschwitz State Museum, admitted on camera that the alleged 'homicidal gas chamber' shown off to hundreds of thousands of tourists every year at the Auschwitz main camp is not original. Irving was never refunded, though.
2: You can punish anybody who claims that there were no gassings in Dachau, because German Electrician Martin Fiedler was sentenced to seven months in prison for "denying" the "homicidal gas chambers" in Dachau. However, today even all official holocaust teachers admit that there weren't any gassings in Dachau. And beware: Time in jail cannot be "refunded" in any way.
So, undeniably, German courts committed grave crimes against innocents, only to defend some lies concerning the "holocaust". Therefore, even if you would agree to punish people for their opinions about WW2, you still know that there have been innocent victims of these "holocaust trials". Please also consider that lots of "holocaust survivors" have been made out to be liars, e.g. recently Misha Defonseca, and that some exposed lies are still told and believed today, e.g. the "original gas chamber" in Auschwitz or the "Jewish soap". A careful revision of the holocaust stories is undeniably very important.
You could argue that Dr. Töben could defend himself in Germany. While it is indeed a human right to defend yourself, you are not granted that right in Germany. If you do defend yourself, you only get punished more severely, see the fate of German Revisionist Germar Rudolf. And while lawyers are obliged to defend their clients, they themselves are punished for doing so, see the fate of German lawyer Sylvia Stolz.
The whole holocaust problem aside, the situation of justice in Germany is generally catastrophic. Describing what millions of German people today have to suffer because of perversion of the course of justice would be a monumental task; here it should suffice that even the European Court of Human Rights definitely admitted that Germany is not a state under the rule of law (EGMR 75529/01 Sürmeli / Germany).
To sum it up: You know that these "legal actions" against Dr. Töben are not legal in any way. Obviously it is by no means possible to help Germany in celebrating another "holocaust trial". Free Töben!
(Father Rolf Hermann Lingen, Roman-Catholic priest)
For more information about the author, see "Extinction of the Church in Germany":

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